The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly…

There is a very powerful bond that forms between a client and their stylist.  Hairdressers become therapists, doctors, marriage counselers, preachers, and a multitude of other occupations during their visit with their client. We get to know you and your entire family.  We know what your BFF is going through as well as your neighbor down the street.  We laugh with you and we cry with you.  We help you plan how you will make your cheating ex-husband wish he had never even been born. We pray with you and for you.  In short, we love you.

When something happens to you it happens to us too.  This week, we have been in prayer for a dear, dear, lady named Donna.  She told us last week she would be undergoing surgery this week on a malignant brain tumor.  She had met with her team of doctors and they had explained exactly how they were going to be performing her surgery and where she would be shaved  in order to prepare for how to wear her hair afterwords.  What?! We couldn’t believe that any of them had the foresight to even think of how she would look and feel about her self after the surgery. What a blessing! Ms. Donna was as calm and collected as possible and said that she knew God wouldn’t give her anything more than she could handle and that it was her job to have faith in His plan for her.

Of course we were crying.  But dammit, we fixed her hair and dyed her eyebrows and eyelashes so she would feel the best about herself as she possibly could when she woke up from surgery. We prayed over her and for her and have continued to do so.

The doctors feel they were able to get all of the tumor.  She will have to undergo radiation, but her prognosis is good.

Do you know that three days after her surgery she called us here at the salon to see if Cary could work in an appointment for her daughter because her daughter was having a difficult time dealing with all the emotions of having her mother be sick? Ms. Donna was confident that if her daughter could come in to see us we could get her feeling better and more peaceful.  What an amazing testament to customer service! What an amazing testament to customer love.  That’s what it’s all about people.  Loving each other through all that life throws our way- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

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Have faith-it’s all going to be fine!

Have faith-it’s all going to be fine!.

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Have faith-it’s all going to be fine!

As your hairstylist, we totally understand the amount of trust and faith that you have in us.  It is a huge responsibility to make you happy time after time and keep you coming back to us. Especially when you have a signature look that needs to be replicated time after time.  That is why it is such a shock when something goes terribly wrong.  Shock to you and us.  Freak out tragedy to you; nauseating want to throw-up feeling to us.  

But hark! All is right in the world if you have a skilled stylist.  We can fix it.  Almost perfectly.  Most of the time. 

Recently a regular client came in for a smoothing keratin treatment.  Just that week we had switched products and I was going to be using the new system on my client. Well…after the product had been applied and the hair dried, I began to have that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach.  I tried to convince myself it was my imagination.  Or the lights.  Or I was suddenly going color blind.  Hopefully? Nope. Every ounce of my clients color had been stripped from her hair.  My client’s beautifully executed Level 7 ash blonde hair  was suddenly back to level 8 gold, gold, gold.

Oh Crap.

Then it got worse.  

She looked in the mirror.

Dear Heaven please take me now.  


So I very calmly and with total confidence in my voice pulled directly from my butt, “Well will you look at that? That new Keratin plum stripped out your color! Well I Swan! Huh. Oh well, I’ll go mix up your formula and we’ll just fix you right on up and get you on your way.” 

My client tentatively looks at me and asks, “Do you think that will be alright?” 

Mother Teresa herself couldn’t have been more nurturing and confident when I told my client that everything would be just fine.  It wouldn’t cost her one single penny extra and no one would ever know what had happened. 

In the end, the color was not a hundred percent match, but my client couldn’t tell.  She thought it was perfect.  She visibly relaxed and  was incredibly happy when she left that afternoon with her newly smoothed hair and a bonus color touch up. She called to let me know that nobody could tell her color had changed.  She was thrilled.  I was thrilled.  Hallelujah! 

The moral to the story is this… when you are working with chemicals, anything is possible no matter how many times you have used the same products.  Anesthesia, medication, chlorine, and many other factors all can influence how a chemical interacts with a strand of hair.  All of a sudden the same color formula you have been able to use on a client for years may suddenly take entirely too dark. Then you find out that they have recently started taking Thyroid medication.  Yep.  That’s what happened.  The important thing is how you handle these situations when they will inevitably arise. Have confidence in your stylist and know they will never leave you hanging. They have the knowledge and training necessary to pull you through that dark valley of the shadow of hair death.  If they didn’t fix the problem or you don’t think they would know how, then it’s time to reevaluate who you have entrusted your hair too and move on to someone who will always have your back. Or in this case your hair.

Note* Please do tell your stylist when you have had a change of medication or been under anesthesia in order to give them a possible heads up! 

Hugs! The Divas



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Total Enlightenment. Or Not?

Total Enlightenment. Or Not?.

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Total Enlightenment. Or Not?

Client: “Well, I just keep getting more and more gray and I need you to put even more highlights in today-especially around my face.”

Stylist: “Ok. Are you sure? We could talk about some other options.”

Client: “No Way!  Are you Crazy? Everyone knows that heavy white highlights are the way to look younger and hide your gray.”


Does any part of this conversations sound familiar to you?  Maybe this is you.  Maybe this is someone you know.  Maybe you have been in the neighboring stylist chair and overheard this conversation. The important thing to know is that this is simply NOT FACTUAL. 

Audience: “What do you mean this isn’t the way to look younger and brighter? This is what we have always done!”

So Stop!  Just say no to bleach! It’s like a nasty addictive drug that gives no benefit and can be detrimental to ones actual appearance when used incorrectly. Some women are okay, but others need to be blonder and blonder and blonder regardless of the damage to their hair.

Bear with me please as this subject matter is very intense and there is lots that need to be discussed.

Let’s start in the very beginning. Highlights. What are they? Highlights can be full (all over the head) or partial ( from the ears up) and involve taking sections of hair and lightening them.  The lightening can be done with bleach or with color if being done on natural, non-colored, virgin hair.  However, if there is already color present on the hair then the only option is Bleach.  Color Does Not lift color. Highlights can be tiny or chunky, from a darker caramel all the way lighter to the point of platinum or white. Highlights are usually more prevalent in the warmer months in order to replicate or give the appearance of natural lightened patterns in the hair from being outside in the sun. Highlights give lots of dimension to hair and can shimmer beautifully when different lights hit the individual strands. 

Somewhere along the way, the art of  applying natural highlights morphed into a totally new beast. Larger sections began to be taken and the color processed to unnatural levels of blonde platinum lightness. It also seems to have become the major go-to for camouflaging graying hair. While It is an absolutely great way to get longer time between color services for spot specific graying; it is not the best way to cover all over graying.

So…with all good things there can always be some bad.  When one OVER highlights, it WILL make you look colder and paler.  Period.  Always. Forever and Ever. Amen. When you have over highlighted you have essentially made yourself a platinum blonde and that is not a good look for the general population.  Definitely not if you are trying to appear younger.  The starkness of the lack of color will accentuate your facial flaws and make you have an off colored skin pallor. 

If you have a great stylist then they know exactly what colors will enhance your natural skin tone and “warm” up your complexion.  You will look healthy and alive and THAT is what will make you look younger! And no- just because you have been “warmed” up  doesn’t mean you will be “red”.  We know you hate red.  Just trust us.  We are trained professionals and are here to make you look your absolute best.  Your appearance is a reflection of our work-you are our walking advertisement!  Trust us- WE WANT YOU TO LOOK GREAT! 

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What do you think?…

Get Real People! Do you really want to know what we think?  Usually not.  How many times have you had a friend tell you they went to the salon and got a “horrible” hair do? They just didn’t have a clue what the stylist did to them!

Nine times out of ten it was because they just didn’t have a clue what they wanted done that day and asked their stylist “What do you think?”

Here is the deal… “Do I really want their professional opinion OR do I really want what I always get?” is the question you need to ask yourself.

People are creatures of habit. Women especially tend to get stuck in a style rut. Sometime even fight and claw to make sure they stay in the rut rather than make a change and face the unknown.

The truth is they desperately want a change;  but when that change happens, there is such a massive shock to the system they completely freak out! Here is why.

The older we women get, the more responsibility we have on our plates. Time for primping gets shorter and the path of least resistance is the one taken. We find ourselves keeping the same hairstyle because its familiar and easy for us to maintain. We know it is attractive and usually flattering; or it was when we got it 20 years ago. Aside from the style we also make sure that we either A) keep our hair the  exact same color as it has always been;  or B) begin hi-lighting it to death in order to make us look younger-(misconception to be discussed another day). We do all of these things because of one reason.  We want to look and feel younger and beautiful AND we fear rejection from others if we make achange.

The reality is harsh. WE ALL AGE! As the years go by our features and skin change, our body shapes and sizes change, our hair changes.  This is inevitable. The important lesson we must learn is to embrace all these changes and make the absolute best of them. There is probably a much more flattering hairstyle you could be wearing. There is more than likely a much more flattering hair color for your skin tone. Your makeup techniques and colors probably need to be updated.  It is okay to embrace yourself for the WOMAN you are today and to take the time needed to make HER as beautiful as the GIRL you used to be. Your inner beauty is what makes you desireable to those around you- when you are proud of what you look like you will radiate confidence and authority to the world around you.

BUT…until you can embrace that mentality, it is not time to just tell your stylist to do what he or she thinks. You will never be pleased and possibly be traumatized. You will tell everyone you meet what a horrible salon experience you had; all the while trying to compensate for your insecurities surrounding your new appearance.

When you are ready you will know it and come in and tell us it is time. When you are ready, your stylist is ready to help get you there! Like the Motel 6 commercial tag- “We’ll leave the light on for you”.

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What in the Hair????

We Divas totally understand that life is complicated enough without having the worry of our hair and beauty routines compounding the stress and frustration. We decided that by imparting tidbits of knowledge, tips, and the occasional personal opinion we may be able to help one frazzled friend at a time! If not, then maybe we can make you laugh with us.

We Divas (Cary, Nicole, and Sammie) are located in beautiful downtown Watkinsville, GA  at Town Center Salon and Spa.  We all have varying degrees of experience to share and look forward to hearing your comments and replies.

Everyday we have clients in our chairs that will ask for our expert opinion on something, or they will tell us something that they have been doing to “help” the condition of  their hair, nails, or skin that we know is not helping in the least. We decided to start discussing the trends and issues that we deal with daily in order to help all out there in the Diva World of readers.

When you have a topic for discussion or a question, please don’t hesitate to send it to us and we will get on it to the best of our abilities as soon as possible. We are so excited about this project and can’t wait to start communicating with you!


The Divas

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